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[How to treat stomach disease]_Stomach disease_Gastritis

[How to treat stomach disease]_Stomach disease_Gastritis

Many people do n’t eat breakfast for a long time, and they do n’t pay attention to their diet, they can easily get serious stomach problems. The treatment of stomach problems can be solved through food therapy. Generally, we need to prepare fresh reed root porridge or eat more.The spleen and appetizer can be added with jujube, which can nourish blood and qi. In addition, you should eat more ginger and garlic, etc., which can reconcile the spleen and stomach and treat stomach problems.

First, fresh reed root porridge recipe Kimono: 100 grams of fresh reed root, 5 grams of green peel, 100 grams of rice, 2 slices of ginger.

After washing the fresh reed roots, cut into one-cm-long thin sections, put them into the pot with the green peel, add an appropriate amount of cold water, soak for 30 minutes, boil on fire, and cook for 20 minutes.

Remove the medicine residue, add the washed previous rice, and cook until the previous rice blooms, and the porridge soup sticks to the tube.

5 minutes before serving, add ginger and serve warm twice a day.

The fragrant aroma of the initial rice of the porridge is combined with the scent of reed root, and it tastes smooth and delicious, and has another flavor.

Efficacy of this prescription: Reed roots clear heat and nourish yin, green skin and qi to relieve pain, ginger and stomach to stop vomiting, have been nourishing the stomach and nourishing the spleen.

The above medicines are compatible with each other and have the effect of releasing fever and stomach, nourishing yin and relieving pain.

Indications and contraindications: The porridge is suitable for those with peptic ulcer disease who are identified as liver-gastric heat syndrome. It is characterized by heartburn and pain, irritability, irritability, pantothenic acid, noisy, dry mouth.

If the stomach is cold, cold and warm, and the stool is leaking, you should not take this porridge.

The porridge is suitable for peptic ulcer disease with TCM differentiation of liver and stomach fever type 2. Yipi cake formula and serving method: 500 grams of red dates, cooked and peeled.

Take 250 grams of jujube meat, 60 grams of chicken internal gold, 120 grams of raw atractylodes, and 60 grams of dried ginger powder; wash the chicken internal gold and atractylodes root, bake them with gentle heat, grind them into fines, add dried ginger powder and date,Punch together like mud to make small cakes, put them in the oven to dry, and take them out in a plastic food bag for later use.

The cake is color, fragrant, and tastes good. It is used as a snack on an empty stomach, and then returned to snacks after a meal. It is chewed slowly and has a delicious taste. It is loved by the sick, and also loved by children.

Efficacy: Jujube is sweet, can warm the spleen, nourish qi and nourish blood.

Modern medicine proves that: jujube pigment protein and vitamin C, protein is an injectable material for ulcer wound repair; vitamin C can enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

Chicken Jin Jin astringent and flat, can stomach and digestion.

Atractylodes nourish the spleen and qi, dry dampness and water.

Looking at the whole recipe, it has the functions of nourishing the spleen and warming the stomach and digesting food.

Indications or contraindications: Only applicable to patients with peptic ulcer disease who have no bleeding. TCM syndromes are those with spleen deficiency and coldness, which are manifested by: stomach pain, hot and cold pressing, reduced appetite, fatigue, thin stools, and limbs are not warm.
If the spleen palpitation is hot and painful, irritable and irritable, pantothenic acid is noisy, and the mouth is dry and bitter.