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Cinema transforms into snacks and e-commerce

Cinema transforms into snacks and e-commerce

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  Original title: The movie industry’s movie theaters have transformed into snack foods and e-commerce. Many support policies have been promoted quickly.The projection industry hinders conflict.

Therefore, the theaters have carried out the “self-rescue technique” one after another, and the government departments in various places also sent the policy “timely rain”.

  During the self-rescue, “Xiao Wanjia’s sales department opened the store!

Sausages, coffee, ice cream, and a variety of snack packages.

“On February 18th, Wanda Films officially announced its new sideline 杭州夜网 business on the official Weibo, entering water glasses with different shapes and themes, and the cinema snack packages were launched and sold.

At the same time, it also launched a contactless delivery service, with delivery times ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours.

  Jinyi Studios also publicly drank for its own e-commerce business on February 18, from snack packages to derivative product packages to movie coupons.

  In addition, Dadi Cinema, Bona International Cinema, Suning Cinema also joined the e-commerce sales team, selling their snacks, drinks, movie peripherals and other products as value packs or low-price sales.

  The theater’s move reflects the impact and operating pressures under the epidemic prevention and control.

Due to the collective withdrawal of the Spring Festival film and the suspension of theaters, the company’s profits in the first quarter of this 武汉夜网论坛 year will collectively overlap.

At present, according to the resumption of production and resumption notices issued by local governments, entertainment venues such as theaters have been included in the temporary resumption of production.

Hengdian Film, Shanghai Film, Chinese Film and other listed companies have issued announcements stating that the relevant theaters are closed, and the specific recovery hours are yet to be determined.

An executive of a theater company said that there will be a unified national schedule for the resumption of work in movie theaters, and it is still waiting for notification.

  In this situation, the cinema’s joining the ranks of e-commerce sellers seems to be a helpless choice, and it is actually a preview of a new business method.

It is believed that executives have revealed that theaters launched online retail in part to clear inventory, but long before the epidemic emerged, theaters around the world were already brewing this new auxiliary operating method, but the epidemic made this planning necessary in advance.online.

After the epidemic, the theater’s online retail attempts may continue.

  The emergency came out. At the same time as the theater rescued itself, local government departments also launched policies to help the industry fight the “epidemic” crisis with real money.

  According to China ‘s Jiangsu Net, on February 19, the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Jiangsu Film Bureau and other departments jointly issued the “Policy Measures on Supporting the Provincial Film Industry to Cope with the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation and Promote Stable and Healthy Development”,Ten policies and measures in three areas, including financial and tax support, strengthening financial support, and reducing corporate burdens.

  It was also mentioned that the financial support for film practitioners should be strengthened, and those who have been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic should have appropriate credit policies.

Adjustments to personal loan repayment arrangements such as housing mortgages and credit cards will not be reported for overdue loans.

  In addition to Jiangsu Province, Beijing also released “Some Measures on Coping with the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic to Promote the Healthy Development of Cultural Enterprises” on February 19, and affected Beijing epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival of 2020 and the Beijing-produced films released as scheduledA one-time publicity and distribution subsidy will be given, and special compensation will be given to key projects that were suspended during the 2020 Spring Festival and were suspended due to the epidemic situation; the application for the special film project for municipal-level films this year will be started in advance to ensure that the funding for the first half of the year is in place;We will make great efforts to compensate domestic cinemas for showing domestic movies, and expand budget coverage; we will focus on supporting small and medium-sized theaters that have been affected by the epidemic.

  On February 17, Shanghai released “Some policies and measures to fully support and serve the smooth and healthy development of epidemic prevention and control of cultural enterprises in this city”. For movie theaters that were closed due to the epidemic, key enterprises and projects affected by the epidemic, film and television shootingThe bases are properly supplemented and supported appropriately; special products such as “Cultural and Cultural Insurance-Film and Television Loan” will be launched as soon as possible.

  In addition, Shandong Province and Shaanxi Province have also issued related support policies to benefit multiple industries such as film screening.

  Some senior people said that the impact of the epidemic on the film industry is universal.

Government departments have been collecting statistics and suggestions recently. It is not surprising that related policies have been introduced one after another.