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[Good fish can’t eat with what]_ practice _ taboo

[Good fish can’t eat with what]_ practice _ taboo

Catfish is a very good kind of food. It is basically delicious. It has many methods and is rich in nutrients and contains very high protein.Therefore, people with cold body or pregnant women are not advised to eat more. If the internal heat is irritable and hot, people should not eat more. In addition, what can catfish not eat with?

Carassius auratus has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Generally, it is not recommended to eat it during pregnancy, so as not to cause abortion.

The first three months of pregnancy is an important period for your baby’s development, and some drugs that promote blood circulation and stasis can not be taken.

Carassius auratus is very rich in DHA, which is rare in freshwater fish. Eating catfish is basically good for pregnant women and it should be very helpful for children’s brain development.

Carassius auratus is very nutritious and nutritious. It is also a high-protein low-faeces food, which is only good for the fetus.

It should be noted that it is best to kill the catfish by buying them. Do not eat the dead yellow catfish (the dead catfish can produce toxins. Generally, patients with kidney stones can eat it.

Kidney stones diet precautions: 1, drink plenty of water, this is the key measure to prevent kidney stones.

The weather is hot, if the daily intake of water is insufficient, the concentration of calcium and oxalic acid in the urine will be very high, so drink plenty of water to ensure sufficient water.

2, reduce protein, high uric acid and high oxalic acid and other food supplements.

For example, eat less high-calcium foods such as tofu and foods high in oxalic acid such as tea, coffee, cocoa and celery.

3, increase the calcium intake: enough calcium will be combined with oxalic acid and excreted by the feces, thereby reducing the calcium to be transformed and absorbed, of course, it will reduce the chance of stone formation.

Therefore, drinking more milk will not increase the stones, but will help reduce the risk of stones.

4, reduce the intake of oxalic acid: spinach, tea and other foods containing oxalic acid should be reduced.

5, reduce sodium intake: diet should be light, canned and processed foods should be eaten as little as possible.

Eat more potassium-containing foods, such as bananas.