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[How to boil water to stop cough]_How to boil water_How to boil water

[How to boil water to stop cough]_How to boil water_How to boil water

Speaking of 枇杷, everyone must first think of 枇杷 Lu, the effect of 枇杷 is generally used to relieve cough and phlegm. In fact, the plant such as pipa is full of treasure, and its fruit has the effect of cough and phlegm. Its leavesHehua has this kind of effect. Many people like to drink water from fresh cilantro after picking cilantro, and use the water boiled by citri to make tea instead.

Loquat leaves are effective in clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm; it is better to add honey for better results.

It must be pointed out that this method is only effective for wind-heat cough.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are many different types of cough. Only when you choose the medicine, you can “seat the right” before you can cure the disease.

First, the main symptoms of wind cold cough are chills, headache, runny nose, white sputum, thin and foamy, or accompanied by fever. Xingsu cough syrup, Xiaoqinglong granules, Tongxuanlifei pills, etc. should be used.

Second, wind-heat cough, yellow sputum, difficult to slightly sputum, sputum is not easy to come out, thirst, dry throat and pain, yellow nose, and headache, dizziness, fever and other symptoms.

It is advisable to use Qutanling oral solution, Shedan Chuanbei liquid, Zhilu, Lingyang Qingfei Pill, Sang Ju, cold tablets and so on.

Third, lung dry cough is more common in the early winter when the air is dry, mainly manifested as dry cough, no sputum or less sputum, available Sydney cream, Chuanbei Sydney syrup, Yangyin Qingfei Wan and so on.

Fourth, lung fever cough is mainly manifested as thick yellow sputum, which is not easy to spit out, can be taken orange red pills, anxious branch syrup, antelope Qingfei powder, Qingfei Yihuo Huatan pills.

Phlegm is thick and yellow, and it is difficult to take out the fresh bamboo lettuce.

Fifth, lung deficiency cough is mainly manifested as persistent cough, thin sputum, asthma, and can be served with ginseng Baofei pills, Jinshuibao capsules, etc.

Sixth, phlegm dampness cough is mainly manifested as phlegm, which is easy to spit out, and the amount is multi-colored and thin, most of the elderly are frail.

Can take Erchen pills, bronchitis, cough, phlegm and pill, etc., should not take Sydney cream.

It is recommended to wait for the tea to cool, and then drink together after having a companionship.

Honey contains a variety of active substances that evaporate when heated.

You need to make sure that the honey source is clean and reliable, otherwise you will have diarrhea.