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[Can children drink milk with a cold and fever]_ milk _ children _ sick

[Can children drink milk with a cold and fever]_ milk _ children _ sick

Milk is a long-term nutrient for many children, but it is also important to pay attention to it at special times.

Can children drink milk when they have a cold and fever? Such problems must be known.

Try not to drink milk when your child has a fever. At this time, it is difficult for the child to absorb milk nutrition.


It is best not to drink milk during fever. Milk is rich in protein. Drinking during fever will increase fever symptoms.

You can drink after the fever subsides.

Drinking fresh milk is not absorbed by your baby.

The gastrointestinal function of babies under three years of age is not fully developed and their digestive ability is relatively low.

Although the protein in milk is higher than that in breast milk, most of it is casein. Casein enters the child’s stomach and forms a penetrating milk clot, which makes it difficult for the child to digest and absorb.Higher than breast milk, but the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is reduced, and the absorption rate is relatively low.

Total milk is suitable for calves.


Try not to drink or drink less milk if your child has a fever.

Because fever patients require a light diet during their illness and eat foods that are easily digested.

Do not eat eggs, milk, amaranth soup and hair products, to avoid causing higher fever.

Because milk is a high nutrient substance, it will produce extra traces. Drinking some machines will increase body shape, exacerbate fever symptoms, and make the disease worse.


In addition, drinking milk may exacerbate nasal discharge, and protein and milk solids can wrap up cold medicines and make the medicines ineffective.

So it is best not to drink milk.

A child should have a lot of fever to allow him to absorb a lot of hot water or drink some vegetables and fruit juice, which is conducive to sweating and urination, and to promote the discharge of toxins.

It is best to drink plenty of boiling water when you have a fever, because fever can cause severe dehydration in your body and you need a lot of water to supplement your energy.


In addition, when you have a fever, you should absorb an appropriate amount of vitamin c, and repeatedly wipe the palms and soles with alcohol or a hot towel.

Try to avoid air conditioning and fan air.

In this way, the fever can be quickly reduced.

If the child really wants to drink milk, give him some formula milk, pay attention to the right amount, you can drink more water, which is relatively thin, good for digestion, and can also add some nutrition.